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Wow!...and I thought the last app was cool...check this one out! This app allows you to change the images being loaded!    Click Here to Download

If " Loading data, please wait..." is showing in the Title bar of the applet for an excessive length of time, right click in this frame and choose refresh/reload frame.
SlideShow is running two separate selectable sets of images and reads it's configuration data from two separate configuration text files (ss_1.txt and ss_2.txt).
The 4 buttons at bottom left control the applet.
From the left they are:
1: switch views  2: show previous   3: show next  4: stop loading
The 'stop loading' button is more useful online.

This demo uses a JavaScript interface to select between two configurations. It also uses the instancekey parameter which enables the applet to remember it's status if the user moves to another document then back again.

Hint: External buttons aren't the only thing you can use. Anything that can invoke a JavaScript event, such as clickable images and normal underlined links, can do the same job.

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